The manual is simplified overview of the joyful leadership concept that will help you to get insight into what is joyful leadership all about and to remind yourself of key points we taught in online course.


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    We are presenting you a holistic Online course with all the crucial ingredients for you to become a successful leader.
    We prepared it in such a way to share this leadership knowledge in an easy and understandable way intertwined with our experiences.
    You will have opportunities to go through holistic Tree of life approach, engage and discuss on our Facebook page, try practical challenges with Habitica App and attend live webinars with our trainers.


    For best 30 participants completing the Online course we will offer 7 days free Leadership training face to face with our trainers. During this training you will be able to put this knowledge in practice through simulations, demonstrations, personal mentoring, etc…
    In that way you will have chance to become Joyful leaders and ambassadors.