Lifelong learning, and why you should do it

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Warren Buffet once said: “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

If you would have 86.000 Euros to spend and you have to spend it in a day otherwise it’s lost, what would you do? You would take every opportunity to use it properly. We have 86400 seconds every day. Those will never come back, you just can’t get it back, it’s gone, and it’s gone for good. It’s the most valuable thing we have in life. So what will you do with that treasure?

Look at all successful people Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or any other successful person. There is one character that they all have: they use their time right. They are lifetime learners, they are committed to learning new things every day. Not just some days, but every day. Bill Gates reads one book per week, Warren Buffet reads 5 hours a day. Notice the pattern here? Successful people never stop learning. We have to use our time wisely. No successful people watch soap operas at 7 in the evening. Successful people never stop learning.


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Instead of using our time on meaningless things, on temporary satisfaction, it’s better to focus on what really matters and gives you lifetime results. The time you spend on video games or partying will never come back. If you use that time, it’s gone forever. Use your time wisely, read books, study hard, exercise hard. Most people give up on their dreams because it get’s too hard: a failed test, too much sacrifice, too much time, too much something. Many are not even giving their best at the test, they already decided to fail, they stop believing in themselves and thus their dream is killed. And guess what they will just be another brick in the wall, an average person that perfectly fits in society and will blame everyone else for not being successful.


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If you have a dream, fight for it! But fight with yourself first. Use your time right and decide that you will be a lifelong learner, decide that from today you ARE a lifelong learner. No more half efforts. No more failed tests! Life itself is a test and you cannot be a failure. You can only become a failure if you stop trying if you stop learning. No more blaming others, take responsibility and show that you are not average and what makes you special is that you are willing to take the sacrifice now to live a better life later. If you don’t make a sacrifice now then you will pay much more later. So get up and commit yourself to lifelong learning.

So here are some bits of advice: 

Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and use that time to read something that helps you.
Start memorizing verses every day, you can’t imagine how much it will boost your memory.
Set goals for learning and stick to them.  

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