How to lead by example

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Leaders are found in abundance. Exceptional ones can be found a few. Exemplary ones who people are eager to follow, are extremely rare. Similar situation happens by taking those on high positions who have many years of experience behind them.

We worked with some of the best ones around the world. Those exemplary ones enthrall you with their personality, spotless behavior and level of self-mastery.  People can sense their serving attitude and they are feeling cared for and are ready to invest their full energy to achieve common vision.

wopnaslova Joyful Leadership Creating new generation of leaders


These leaders are different breed; we call them the Joyful Leaders.

The rarity of such leaders should inspire us to cultivate such qualities, take up the challenge and stand out of a herd. Start incorporating the leadership principles found in this course and soon you’ll rise to the top of the leadership ecosystem.

You see, average leader is concerned about his position and what he wants to achieve. He puts himself in the center and his ideas in front of everyone else. He find’s the way how to manipulate others to benefit his idea, without concern what would be good for them.

On the other hand a Joyful leader feels privileged to lead. He has service attitude and deeply cares about the people he leads. He recognizes others propensities, tries to engage them accordingly and empower them to become better and better.

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Joyful leaders have further distinctive traits. They know how to set standards by their exemplary behavior. They are powerful visionaries and are always concern which legacy they leave behind them. They know how to listen to needs of others and set a common vision for the benefit of all.

On top of that, they are principle oriented and concerned to create lasting values and sustainable solutions concerning Social, Environmental and Economic aspects.

Only handful of leaders can do all of that. There are some who sometimes hit upon the formula by accident. But lacking a full comprehension of what they have achieved, are not able to repeat their success on long run.

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These leadership principles will help such rising leaders – as well those just aspiring for the role –climb the evolutionary ladder to the top of the leadership eco system, where they can finally become joyful leaders them self.

Whether you are already leading an organization and aspire to become better, or just leading a project and would like to take bigger responsibility, you will discover powerful ideas that will propel you into the extremely small world of joyful leaders.

Here’s a practical  tip: make a research and find such great leader which inspire you and you want to look up to. Find some books about his life, and some of his speeches and take time to learn from him… just by hearing about qualities of such leaders and thinking about these principles you will soon start to imbibe them and grow as an amazing leader.wopmark adriane muS2RraYRuQ unsplash Joyful Leadership Creating new generation of leaders


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